Our Story

Hi, I’m Zoe, owner, and creator of Alpine Baby. It all began with the desire to give my daughters and myself the absolute best night's sleep possible. I've always loved the idea of using a sleeping bag, but after trying many options, I couldn't find one that worked for my family. Both of my daughters suffered from eczema and merino directly on the skin was too irritating during a flare-up, while other cotton options tended to clump up after washing, losing their warmth and snugglyness in the process.

The Baby Sleeping Bag Solution
I have always had passion for sewing and I felt I could use my skills to create a sleeping bag that would meet my daughters’ needs. Through research and many redesigns, I discovered by widening the shoulder design on the sleeping bag it allowed the upper body of your baby to stay warm while allowed cooling through their arms. I also discovered that Halo New Zealand crossbreed wool covered in organic cotton was the perfect mix of softness, breathability, and non-allergenic properties, making it the ideal balance for a secure yet snuggly sleeping bag for your little ones.

At Alpine Baby, we developed sleeping bags that work for our family and meet our environmental and ethical expectations. We hope that your precious babies will love theirs as much as we love them in our home.

Love Zoe x