Why use a baby sleeping bag?

Our sleeping bags allow your baby to wear temperature appropriate bedding that won't come off during the night or become a hazard while they sleep. It is generally accepted that quality wool sleeping bags reduce night waking due to their temperature regulating properties. Our sleeping bags have been designed to meet strict international safety standards for infant sleeping bags giving you additional peace of mind when used correctly.

What should my baby wear under their Alpine Baby Sleeping Bag?

This depends on the warmth rating of the sleeping bag, the room temperature and your baby. Check out our handy dressing guide for tips on safely dressing your baby for bed.

What temperature is the Aspiring Sleeping Bag safe for?

Due to wools amazing temerature regulating properties, it is difficult to measure the absolute thermal resistance of the Aspiring Sleeping Bag. We have determined an average TOG rating of 3.0 and we advise using it in temps within the range of 14-22 degrees.

How should I wash my Aspiring Sleeping Bag?

Always wash on a gentle wool wash cycle using wool approved detergent at 40°. If your machine doesn't have a wool cycle use the most gentle cycle you have as long as you know it is very gentle and wash below 40°*. Line dry in shade, turning inside out during drying if you need to speed up the process. Do not tumble dry. *Please note we will not accept returns for any sleeping bags ruined due to washing errors.

What is HALO Wool?

HALO wool is a leading-edge wool product in which crossbreed wool is weaved onto a Ciclo polyester mesh. The mesh holds the wool and allows it to stretch indefinitely without tearing or clumping in the way that other wool fills do. The Ciclo treatment in the polyester mesh is totally safe and accelerates the natural breakdown of the mesh making it behave more like wool at the end of its life cycle.

Why Cross Breed Wool?

Although we love merino wool it only accounts for less than 20% of New Zealand's total wool production. That means there's a lot of other amazing and sustainable wool out there waiting for someone to love it. We knew straight away that because of our Organic Cotton fabric we didn't need merino and we could help to support the New Zealand wool industry better by using super strong crossbreed wool.

Is Crossbreed Wool as warm as merino?


Our HALO Wool is super warm, strong, and soft and will last generations if cared for. Crossbreed wool helps regulate body temp, it's breathable, wicks moisture, stays fresh, it's hypoallergenic, has a high warmth-to-weight ratio, is sustainably sourced, and is perfect for young babies.

Where are your Sleeping Bags manufactured?

Our Sleeping Bags are manufactured in China with a manufacturer that has a long standing relationship manufacturing quality products for the New Zealand Wool industry. Although we initially tried to have the bags manufactured in New Zealand unfortunately there isn't currently a facility that can handle our requirements.