Care Guidelines

To achieve the super soft and luxurious feel and warmth of our sleeping bags we have combined organic jersey and Halo NZ wool. This unique combination gives our sleeping bags their soft but strong characteristic while delivering ultimate baby comfort! It’s this thinking outside of the box that’s allowed us to deliver the game changing product that is Alpine Baby. Because we use a unique combination of materials there are a couple of things to know about laundering your Alpine Baby Sleeping Bag to make sure it stays in great condition.

How to care for your Alpine Baby Sleeping Bag

1. Zip up your sleeping bag before washing.

2. Wash your sleeping bag either by hand in cool water (max 30 degrees) or on a COLD Gentle Wool Wash Cycle max 600 spin speed. We have previously labelled our bags as being safe to wash at 40 degrees however due to inconsistencies in washing machines we now advise washing in cold water on a GENTLE wool cycle (max 600). The environmental (and financial) benefits of washing in cold water are also an added bonus!

3. Use a liquid wool wash detergent – Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

4. Do not soak your sleeping bag.

5. Line Dry your sleeping bag in shade, do not tumble dry.

6. Limit over washing your sleeping bag, bags laundered very regularly will colour fade and deteriorate faster than bags infrequently washed. If you do have small areas to clean we suggest spot cleaning with a sponge or cloth in between washes.

7. Air your sleeping bags daily to allow moisture to escape and keep your bag smelling fresh.

***Please remember that this is a wool product and therefore requires special attention when washing, always check the wool setting on your machine as you may need to reduce the spin speed to 600 (or lower) manually.***

Alpine Baby accepts no responsibility for incorrectly laundered items including items that have been shrunk due to being washed too hot or on a cycle over 600rpm. Any items washed incorrectly will not be refunded.