Safely Sleeping Baby For Winter

Safely Sleeping Baby For Winter

How can I safely sleep my baby this winter?

As the temperatures drop it can be difficult to know how to keep your baby comfortable and warm while navigating the risks associated with sleep for babies. We all want our children to be warm and to have the best sleep possible (us too hopefully) but there are a few details you should consider before snuggling your little one down for the night.

Number One: Make sure your baby has their own safe place to sleep, is sleeping on a firm mattress with no gaps down the sides, and avoid thick mattress protectors.

Number Two: Put baby down to sleep on their back, this helps baby keep their airways clear.

Number Three: Do not use loose blankets or comforters in babies’ beds as these can quickly become a hazard.

Number Four: Keep baby’s room temperature somewhere between 16°-20° during sleep times. Higher temperatures can affect babies’ ability to naturally wake themselves when necessary.

Number Five: Check your baby regularly for signs of cold or overheating.

Signs of cold include cold to the touch neck, back or chest, and frequent waking.

Signs of overheating include hot to the touch or clammy/damp neck, back, or chest, red flushed cheeks, rapid breathing, and difficulty settling.

Number Six: Use only products made from natural and breathable materials such as wool and cotton in babies’ beds.

Experts suggest the use of an appropriately rated sleeping bag or sleep sack made from natural materials as a great response to the above recommendations.

Our Aspiring Winter Sleeping Bags are designed for use with babies from approx. 3 months until 2 years and for use in rooms from 14° – 22°depending on the sleepwear selected for your baby. To ensure your peace of mind our sleeping bags have been voluntarily designed and tested to meet the British and European Safety Standard BSEN-16781:2018 Textile Child Care Articles – Safety requirements and test methods for children’s sleep bags for use in a cot.

I hope this information has made you feel more confident about safely sleeping your baby this winter, please remember every baby is different and any advice given is intended as a guide only. If you are having trouble safely sleeping your baby, please contact Plunket or your local GP for advice.

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